Thursday, December 12, 2013

Angry Birds Cake

Angry Birds using fondant

We all know that kids like to play angry birds. In fact they are crazy about angry birds. That is why I suggest to make angry birds cake.
If you make it for children birthday all kids will remember this birthday for sure just because of this cake with popular characters from angry birds game.

Croissant cake

- 5 vanilla pudding
- 375 grams butter
- 250 grams icing sugar
- 100 grams black chocolate
- 400 grams biscuits
- 1L + milk for dipping biscuits
- 200g nougat cream
- Chocolate croissants, two to three large bags
- 8 tablespoons of sugar
- Coca Cola

In 1L milk boil 5 puddings with vanilla 8 tablespoons of sugar. When cool add whipped butter with icing sugar.
Filling divide into two parts and to add a 100 grams melted dark chocolate.
Biscuit dipped in milk and arrange on a platter.
Over this spread the filling with black chocolate and croissants soaked in Coke. Over croissants spread yellow filling and nougat cream
If desired it can be garnish with whipped cream or fondant.
For this birthday we used fondant to decorate cake.

1st prepare white fondant to cover first layer or better to say first floor of cake, leave one small part white fondant for decoration other parts.

2nd prepare light brown fondant to decorate second layer or better to say second floor of cake.

Cover first and second floor of cake, than put it in fridge while prepare other parts to decorate cake.

Make balls with white, yellow, red, blue, black and green fondant and leave it to dry while preparing other parts.
Cut small circles for eyes with white fondant, than make bird beak with yellow fondant.
Eyebrows make with white, red and black fondant in order to be opposite than bird color
Combine everything and make angry birds that children will love.
From parts that are left combine and make brown color in order to make bricks for walls.
Slingshot should be made with black and brown fondant in order to look similar with other parts of cake.

At the end put all decoration on cake from fridge – it is finished

Monday, November 26, 2012

Chocolate Empire

On the following link you can buy chocolate houses

Chocolate house 1 (small)
                 approximately 300 gr, width 125mm, height110mm, length 130mm
small chocolate house
small chocolate house

Chocolate house 2 (medium)
                 approximately 500 gr, width 120mm, height 130mm, length 150mm
medium chocolate house
medium chocolate house

Chocolate house 3 (large)
                  approximately 550 gr, width 140mm, height 110mm length 150mm
large chocolate house
large chocolate house

Shipment is possible for now only on territory of Serbia - Belgrade (Europe)
The shipping is free on territory of Belgrade.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teddy Bear

Cake toppers teddy bear
Cake toppers Teddy Bear

Recipe for this cake - read here
Put it in fridge to be tightened enough. After that we can add decoration. In this case it will be use fondant.
On the following link you can buy chocolate houses

Teddy bear girl cake topper
Teddy bear girl cake topper
Prepare figures:
make body (color grey)
head (color grey)
arms (color grey)
ear (color grey)
mouth (color grey)
flowers (color pink)
nose (color red)
veil (color white)
hat (color black)
bow tie (color black)
eyes (color black)

At the end put all together using water as a glue (to be safer we can use a toothpick to connect the head to the body). Than draw eyebrows, make two dents in his head to be inserted two black balls as eyes, with something sharp make holes for mouth and hands (as they were sewn). When finished leave to dry air (at room temperature), figures is better to make a few days earlier until it tightens enough. After that figures are ready to decorate cake. Now put fondant on cake, figures on top. I used stars to accentuate teddy bears.