Monday, November 26, 2012

Chocolate Empire

On the following link you can buy chocolate houses

Chocolate house 1 (small)
                 approximately 300 gr, width 125mm, height110mm, length 130mm
small chocolate house
small chocolate house

Chocolate house 2 (medium)
                 approximately 500 gr, width 120mm, height 130mm, length 150mm
medium chocolate house
medium chocolate house

Chocolate house 3 (large)
                  approximately 550 gr, width 140mm, height 110mm length 150mm
large chocolate house
large chocolate house

Shipment is possible for now only on territory of Serbia - Belgrade (Europe)
The shipping is free on territory of Belgrade.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Teddy Bear

Cake toppers teddy bear
Cake toppers Teddy Bear

Recipe for this cake - read here
Put it in fridge to be tightened enough. After that we can add decoration. In this case it will be use fondant.
On the following link you can buy chocolate houses

Teddy bear girl cake topper
Teddy bear girl cake topper
Prepare figures:
make body (color grey)
head (color grey)
arms (color grey)
ear (color grey)
mouth (color grey)
flowers (color pink)
nose (color red)
veil (color white)
hat (color black)
bow tie (color black)
eyes (color black)

At the end put all together using water as a glue (to be safer we can use a toothpick to connect the head to the body). Than draw eyebrows, make two dents in his head to be inserted two black balls as eyes, with something sharp make holes for mouth and hands (as they were sewn). When finished leave to dry air (at room temperature), figures is better to make a few days earlier until it tightens enough. After that figures are ready to decorate cake. Now put fondant on cake, figures on top. I used stars to accentuate teddy bears.